DNA Mixture Interpretation: Basic (full day)

Presenters:  Michael Coble, Steven Myers

DNA Mixture Interpretation:  Advanced (full day)

Presenters:  Peter Gill, Corina Benschop, Oyvind Bleka

Y Chromosome:  YHRD, typing and interpretation (full day)

Presenters:  Sascha Willuweit, Lutz Roewer

Testimony in US Courts (full day)

Presenters:  Charlotte Word, Raymond Valerio, Lewis Buzzell

NGS Bioinformatics 101 (full day)

Presenters:  Jonathan King, Jerry Hoogenboom

Kinship Analysis (full day)

Presenters:  Daniel Kling, Andreas Tillmar

NGS STR Markers (half day)

Presenters:  Katherine Gettings

Phenotyping (half day)

Presenters:  Susan Walsh

NGS Methods and mtDNA (half day)

Presenters:  Peter Vallone

mtDNA Interpretation (half day)

Presenters:  Walther Parson

Publication (half day)

Presenters:  John Butler

Contact Traces and DNA Transfer (Half day)

Presenters:  Roland van Oorschot

Evaluative Reporting for Contact Traces (half day)

Presenters:  Lydie Samie-Foucart

Probability and Statistical Principles (half day)

Presenters:  Hari Iyer, Steven Lund

Validation:  Experimental Design, STR validator (half day)

Presenters:  Oskar Hansson

Biogeographical Ancestry (half day)

Presenters:  Torben Tvedebrink

Special Sessions

The O.J. Simpson Trial:  A Retrospective

It has been over 25 years since O.J. Simpson was acquitted of the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman, yet this case remains one of the most notorious criminal trials in American history…


Robin Cotton, PhD; expert witness (DNA) in People v. O.J. Simpson
Bruce Weir, PhD; expert witness (statistics) in People v. O.J. Simpson
Rockne Harmon; prosecutor in People v. O.J. Simpson
Barry Scheck; defense attorney in People v. O.J. Simpson

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